Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank needing more people to volunteer

MASON CITY — The Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank in Mason City is looking for more volunteers.

The Food Bank’s Luther Gesme says with more demand for their services, the more help they need. “Our clientele list has been going up at about the rate lately of 100 new families a month. In order to facilitate getting food out to those people, we do need more volunteers. We have a list of approximately 120 volunteers, but some of those each year, we get a bit elderly and can’t do quite as much physical work, so yes, indeed people that really feel a calling to help your neighbor, this is where there’s an opportunity.”

Gesme says they’ll work with you on figuring out how and when you can lend a hand.  “We have various styles of work to do, from driving a truck to distributing food, to stocking shelves. We’ll work with you to pick the time span you prefer to work at, the time of the day you prefer to work at, and the type of job you’d like to do.”

Gesme says helping the Food Bank is a heartwarming way to help those in need.  “It’s very rewarding in that you know you’re helping the food needy in the community and it gives you a chance to do your part and just show up and help, that’s what we need.”

To volunteer or to make a donation, you can contact the Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank at 641-424-3073.