Haley touts lead against Biden in new poll during stop in Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE — Touting the results of a new Wall Street Journal poll, presidential candidate Nikki Haley stopped in Clear Lake over the weekend, saying she’s the best chance for Republicans to dethrone Joe Biden from the White House. The new poll shows Haley is 17 points ahead of Biden in a head-to-head race, compared to only four points in a race between former President Donald Trump and Biden, which is within the poll’s margin of error.

Haley says Trump is a bad choice for the country’s future.  “Rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him. Chaos follows him, you know I’m right. In every situation, and we can’t have a country that’s in disarray and a world on fire, and go through four more years of chaos and survive it. We won’t.”

Haley says her White House won’t be one filled with constant mayhem.  “There won’t be any drama, there won’t be any vendettas. You won’t get any of that with me. What you will get is someone who’s going to work hard for you, and fight for you, and make it so you no longer work for government, but government suddenly works for you. We’ve earned that right to have that back, but we have to end the chaos.”

Haley says Republicans need to find the right people to win in 2024 compared to the party’s failures of 2020 and 2022.   “This is more than  just the presidency. Can you imagine if we won governorships up and down the ticket? House seats up and down the ticket? Senate seats up and down the ticket? The name at the top matters, and if we’re going to right the ship of where our country’s going with new generational leaders in the right way to get our country back on track, that is what we get. You won’t get chaos with me.”

Haley spoke to an overflow crowd at the K & B Emporium in Clear Lake Saturday night and also made stops in Sioux City, Sioux Center and Waukee over the weekend.