Grassley talks about border crisis situation during Mason City stop

MASON CITY — The White House is mulling an executive action using provisions of federal immigration law that was repeatedly used by former President Trump to unilaterally enact a sweeping crackdown at the southern border. Three people familiar with the deliberations who spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity said earlier this week that the administration has been exploring options that President Biden could deploy on his own without congressional approval after House Republicans blocked a bipartisan border bill.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was asked about the border situation during a stop in Mason City on Thursday. “We thought we were going to get a very good bill as part of this Ukraine-Israel appropriation. It turned out that it gave so much discretion to the president to use it or not use it that we figured if the president isn’t already enforcing the immigration laws, he’d take full advantage of the discretion he had in this proposed legislation and would basically neuter what we were trying to accomplish.”

Grassley says with the failure of getting a bill through Congress, he doesn’t think much will change with the border situation under the Biden White House. “So that didn’t succeed, and I doubt if there’s any chance of getting anything done until we get a new administration.”

Grassley made his comments after a stop at North Iowa Area Community College on Thursday afternoon.