Grassley talks about blockade of military appointments during interview with KGLO News

NEW HARTFORD — Republicans in the US Senate two weeks ago once again clashed with Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville over his continued blockade of military appointments and promotions. Democrats have proposed changing the procedure and allowing the approval of military appointments as a group if Tuberville doesn’t change his stance. 

During an interview with KGLO News, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he’ll let the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, which he does not serve on, figure things out and he’ll be supportive of them making Tuberville reach an agreement. Grassley says he does support Tuberville’s stance but does not agree with his method of objecting. “The reason he’s doing it, I agree with, that the Armed Services should not be paying for people to have an abortion, because we’ve had a policy since 1976 that we aren’t going to use taxpayers’ money to pay for abortions. Whether it’s Medicaid or whether it’s Armed Services money, that’s a policy I agree with. But him holding up about 300 or 400 advancements and promotions within the military I think is not the right tool to do it with.”

Fellow Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and Republican Dan Sullivan of Alaska made another unsuccessful attempt to break Tuberville’s stance on the nominees earlier this month after the Senate approved a funding extension to avoid a government shutdown.