Grassley says Biden could make him stand up and applaud on two key issues

WASHINGTON — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says fellow Republican Governor Kim Reynolds is the ideal choice to give the GOP response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address tonight.

Grassley says Reynolds is “an outstanding person to give this reaction” to the president’s message on behalf of the party.

“Just think how she has run the state of Iowa, fighting the virus, keeping the economy going,” Grassley says. “Contrast that with the Democratic governors of California and New York that shut down the economy to fight the virus.”

The State of the Union Address is typically a very partisan display, with members of the president’s party standing and applauding, while members of the other party often sit in silence.

Grassley says there are at least two things Biden could talk about that would make him get out of his seat and clap.

“That he’s willing to tackle in a bipartisan way the high cost of prescription drugs,” Grassley says. The Build Back Better plan included a Democratic plan for dealing with expensive meds, and Grassley says now that it’s dead, perhaps the president will announce an effort both parties can work on together to benefit the American people.

Grassley says Biden could also shift gears and discuss an agricultural issue that’s especially important to livestock producers and consumers.

“He’s talked twice about a cattle bill, not necessarily Grassley’s cattle bill, but that we’ve got to get fairness for our family farmers and make sure that they can market their products.”

Late last year, Grassley co-sponsored a compromise plan that would give independent cattle producers more clues about what meatpackers are paying for cattle raised under private contracts. Learn more here.