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Grassley offers Biden a complement, sort of, on handling COVID

WASHINGTON — President Biden is approaching his 100th day in office this week and his administration is getting a back-handed complement from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley as to how Biden is handling the pandemic.

Grassley says, “I think that he is doing an outstanding job of carrying on the outstanding policies of the Trump administration.”

President Biden is scheduled to provide an update today (Tuesday) as to how his administration has responded to COVID-19. Grassley, a Republican, says the groundwork to attack the virus was already in place, thanks to the previous administration. “Because of what President Trump did and what President Biden followed through on, we’re at a point where we aren’t worrying about people getting enough doses to get it stopped,” Grassley says. “We’ve got more doses than we have people.” Biden set a goal of delivering 200-million shots in his first 100 days in office. That goal was reached last week, on his 92nd day, what Biden called “an incredible achievement for the nation.”

Grassley offers little credit to the current president but says he’s satisfied by what’s been accomplished with the vaccine.  “Normally, you’d have to wait for the thing to be approved, which was in November, and then another six months for the stuff to be manufactured and start vaccinating people in July,” Grassley says. “We got it all done because of President Trump and then President Biden doing a good job to carry it out.”

It’s expected the president today will discuss easing restrictions on people who’ve been vaccinated, as a way of acknowledging their lower risk and to also offer more prompting for everyone to get the shots. Grassley tested positive for COVID in November and went into isolation, but said he experienced no symptoms.

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