Grassley: Iowans don’t worry themselves with actions of the RNC

WASHINGTON — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, is hesitant to criticize actions taken by the Republican National Committee last week against two Republican members of the U-S House. The two were condemned and censured for serving on the House panel investigating the January 6th insurrection at the U-S Capitol.

Grassley was asked if he agrees with the R-N-C’s resolution.  Grassley says, “I believe in what we call the ‘big tent policy,’ that our national committee should be working hard to get Republicans elected.”

The R-N-C resolution focused on G-O-P Representatives Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Grassley says he doesn’t concern himself much with the R-N-C’s actions.  “What they did, I haven’t studied, because I’m focused on issues that Iowans raise with me at my county meetings,” Grassley says. “I don’t hear anything about the RNC at my county meetings, either about this or anything else.”

Grassley says the issues he’s hearing Iowans care about include: prescription drug costs, cattle prices, inflation, and border security. The week after the storming of the Capitol, Grassley told Radio Iowa, “What happened on Wednesday…that sort of insurrection is untenable.”

The R-N-C referred to the January 6th attack as “a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.” Grassley offered a brief comment when asked to respond to whether the incident was “legitimate political discourse.”  “You and I both know that breaking into any federal building is a crime,” Grassley says.

The insurrection caused one-and-a-half million dollars damage to the Capitol, leaving seven people dead, 140 law officers injured and more than 700 people being prosecuted, including at least seven Iowans.