Grassley discusses death of Rosalyn Carter

NEW HARTFORD — With Sunday’s death of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Senator Chuck Grassley says he has fond memories of the last time he saw the Carters in person. The former president invited Grassley to Atlanta several years back to speak before a group of Southern Baptists about the value of bipartisanship.

Grassley says both of the Carters were there to greet him.  “They’re just outstanding people and we ought to thank Rosalynn for what she has done to promote our interest in solving our mental health problems,” Grassley says, “and we still have those problems, but they’d be worse if it hadn’t been for the leadership of Rosalynn Carter.”

Grassley says he does not plan to attend next week’s funeral for Mrs. Carter, who was 96. Former President Carter is 99.