Grassley defends public release of FBI memo with allegations against Bidens

WASHINGTON — Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says he publicly released a document that could have information about  alleged bribes to Joe and Hunter Biden because the FBI censored part of the memo when it was shown to a House committee.

“They were trying to cover up that there were possible phone calls between Vice President Biden and some Ukrainian oligarch that he had to give the Bidens some money,” Grassley says. “Now, it’s up to the FBI to determine if there were any crimes committed.” 

President Biden has denied the allegations. FBI officials say Grassley’s public disclosure of the document last Thursday has put a confidential source at serious risk. Grassley says it appears to him that the Justice Department isn’t investigating allegations against President Biden as aggressively as the allegations against former President Donald Trump.  “It’s very unusual in the 240 year history of our country…to have one party put the possible candidate of the other party on the dock and probably in prison,” Grassley says.

Grassley says he began pushing the FBI about the allegations against the Bidens in 2019 and he was able to release the document last week because of government whistleblowers. A White House spokesman says the claims in the document Grassley released have been debunked for years.