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Grassley critical of cost and timing of Biden’s budget

WASHINGTON — Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is blasting Democratic President Joe Biden’s six-trillion dollar budget proposal, which was unveiled on Friday afternoon.

Grassley calls the budget “reckless” and the timing “one of the oldest tricks in the book,” suggesting the administration was hoping no one would notice, heading into a three-day holiday weekend.

“Biden’s budget would shatter previous records for spending and debt,” Grassley says. “Under his plan, debt would reach 117% of gross national product. That’s well beyond World War Two levels, even adjusted for inflation.”

The spending plan, which Grassley calls “massive,” aims to make good on many of Biden’s campaign promises, including reinvesting in education and infrastructure.

“It also includes a slate of new taxes which would be felt at all income levels across the country,” Grassley says. “Keep in mind, this is on top of this administration’s nearly $7-trillion spending proposals Biden already sent to Congress.”

Grassley says presidential budgets usually arrive on Capitol Hill the first week in February with much fanfare, but the Biden plan is “bad news,” in Grassley’s words.

“As a member of the budget committee, I’ll push to restore some sanity to government spending,” Grassley says. “We simply cannot continue this reckless spend and tax strategy.”

Friday on Twitter, Biden tweeted that the budget “builds on the progress we’ve made over the last few months and makes historic investments that will help our nation build back better for decades to come.”

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