Governor’s bill to tighten law banning foreign ownership of farmland

DES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds says Iowa officials need to close a loophole that could let foreign interests town Iowa farmland.

“We absolutely cannot let foreign governments undermine the agricultural dominance our farmers have worked so hard to build,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is calling on the Iowa Secretary of State’s office to review land purchase documents, to see if foreign governments or individuals are involved in U-S based companies or trusts that have purchased farmland.  ‘Fortunately, I’m proud to say that Iowa already has some of hte strongest laws in the country on foreign ownership of land,” Reynolds said. “In fact, we’ve seen other states look to us for a model for their own policies, but as China’s our laws should, too.”

Under current law, foreigners may own now more than 320 acres of Iowa farmland. Reynolds has proposed a bill that calls on the Iowa Secretary of State to compile a public report to show the extent of foreign ownership of farmland in Iowa. “With this bill, Iowa will continue to lead the nation and keep American soil in American hands,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds made her comments this (Thursday) morning at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. G-O-P presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley are speaking to the group, too.