JOHNSTON — Iowa’s Republican governor and the Democrat who was just sworn in as state auditor on Wednesday met privately this afternoon. Governor Kim Reynolds tweeted afterwards that the two discussed ways they could work together to better serve the people of Iowa. Sand says he looked forward to the meeting.

“The way I look at this is very simple. Iowans sent both of us. They are perfectly well aware that we belong to different parties and yet here we both are,” Sand says. “I think we have an obligation to focus on areas where we agree and can do good things and get those things done in order to serve the state.”

The chairman of the Iowa Republican Party has predicted Sand will “weaponize” the auditor’s office for political gain. Sand says he promised voters he’d focus on finding new efficiencies in state government and cracking down on corruption.

“I am so sick of people who will criticize someone simply because of their partisan affiliation,” Sand says. “There was a press release from the Republican Party that called me an ‘aspiring career politician.’…Chuck Grassley is the leader of their party. He has held elected office for 60 years — since 1959. Do you think they’re going to call him a career politician? It’s just ridiculous. It’s why people hate politics. It needs to end.”

Sand made his comments during taping of the “Iowa Press” which aired over the weekend on Iowa Public Television.