Four Mason City police officers given lifesaving awards for helping man trapped under tractor

MASON CITY — Four Mason City police officers were given the City of Mason City Life Saving Award during last night’s meeting of the City Council.

Officers Jim Redeker and Josh Madole  as well as Sergeants Ben VanDenBroeke and Terrance Prochaska are credited with saving the life of Joey Shearman on May 17th. Shearman had become trapped underneath farm equipment when it rolled over in the 4900 block of 12th Northeast.

Police Chief Jeff Brinkley thanked the officers for their valiant effort in saving Shearman’s life.  “Your quick response, quick thinking, teamwork, and training all came into play on May 17th as you worked to free Joey Sherman from being pinned underneath his tractor. You also provided immediate CPR and deployed an AED to give him the best chance of survival following this incident. You could have not worked more efficiently or effectively to give this story such a great outcome. I’m proud of your response and creative approach to solving this life-threatening problem. On behalf of Joey Shearman, thank you for saving his life. Thank you from a grateful community for being willing to go above and beyond the routine call of duty that results in a life saved.”

Brinkley says the work of the officers stands out for several reasons.  “The information put out by dispatch was critical in their decision making about how they responded to the call. The information put the timing in place for them to be able to revive Shearman after he was free. Second, the officers took some personal risk of potential injury by trying to move the tractor. This was not required of them, but it was a reasonable risk based on the situation that they were facing. If they had delayed and waited for MCFD to arrive, Shearman likely would have suffered additional irreversible injuries that were prevented by their quick action. Third, teamwork was used by the officers as they moved the tractor in an effort to free Joey and restore his breathing. They were careful in how they executed their plan and they worked together with bystanders to get the job done.”

Brinkley says the officers took the right steps after getting Shearman clear of the tractor.  “They maintained their efforts in preserving Joey’s life after freeing him from underneath the tractor. Sometimes officers get caught up in this response and this last lifesaving step is sometimes delayed or missed. In this response, it was seamless. It was almost as if they’d rehearsed this response, it was that smooth.”

Brinkley also presented certificates of appreciation to Merle and Kelly Brockshus for their quick action in calling 9-1-1 that triggered the dispatch of first responders, as well as for the assistance they provided to the officers on the scene by pulling Shearman from underneath the tractor.