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Former Vice President Walter Mondale dies at age 93

MINNEAPOLIS — Former Vice President Walter Mondale has died at the age of 93. Mondale’s campaign for the presidency that ended with a loss to President Reagan began with a 49% victory in the 1984 Iowa Caucuses.

“I wouldn’t change one moment of it,” Mondale said in 1992. “I love public service. I love politics. I love being around people. I love to engage on issues. It is a blessing to be in public life.”

During a debate in Des Moines just before the 1984 Caucuses, Mondale described Iowa politics as “open” and consequential.

“On February 20, the Democrats of Iowa will be the most powerful citizens on Earth,” Mondale said. “…If there was ever a time that your country needed you, it’s this time.”

In 2015, Mondale told an Iowa PBS reporter that the Iowa Caucus system guarantees the candidates listen to Iowa voters. On Saturday, Mondale sent a note to former staff and campaign alumni, saying his time had come and urging them to “continue the good fight.” Mondale’s family announced he died Monday in Minneapolis.

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