Former Clarksville cop convicted of exploitation of a minor sentenced to 15 years

CLARKSVILLE — It’s 15 years in prison for a former Butler County police officer convicted of multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Michael Tobin was a Clarksville Police Officer when he was accused of showing sexually explicit images and videos from a pending criminal case to a minor under 18 between September 2021 and February 2022. The minor reported the activity in March 2022 and Tobin was fired by the City of Clarksville. He was arrested September 1st of last year. Tobin was convicted by a Butler County jury in October of three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and eight counts of possessing a depiction of a minor in a sexual act.

District Judge Rustin Davenport sentenced Tobin on Monday to a total of 15 years on the three sexual exploitation charges. He also sentenced him to two year sentences on each of the other counts, but those sentences will be served at the same time as the sexual exploitation sentences.

Tobin is still facing lawsuits from two sisters who claim he coerced them into sex on multiple occasions while he was on duty. They are also suing the Clarksville Police Department, Chief Barry Mackey, an unidentified City leader and the city of Clarksville. The sisters’ argue that some city officials knew or should’ve known what Tobin was doing and did nothing to stop it.

Trials in those lawsuits are currently scheduled for February 10, 2025.