First lawsuit filed after partial collapse of Davenport building

DAVENPORT — Recovery crews have ended their work looking in the rubble of the partially collapsed building in Davenport for survivors, and now the focus shifts to accountability for what happened.

A Philadelphia-based structural collapse attorney Jeffery Goodman is representing former resident Dayna Feuerbach in the first lawsuit. “By filing a civil lawsuit, we’re able to help get answers to what happened and why it happened. Able to determine who is accountable and hold them accountable. And hopefully by doing so to help inspire change,” Goodman says.

Building owner Andrew Wold, the City of Davenport , and prior owners have all been named in the lawsuit. Goodman led the litigation team that resulted in the $1.2 billion settlement to the families of the 98 people who died and the survivors of the Surfside, Florida Condo collapse in 2022.

The city of Davenport says operations transitioned today to the dismantling of the partially collapsed building. Crews have cleared the debris pile to the foundation floor and will continue removing debris from the site.