Feenstras’ Sioux Center event for presidential hopefuls focuses on faith

SIOUX CENTER — Four Republican presidential candidates shared stories of their faith during an event at Dordt University in Sioux Center this weekend. Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra and his wife hosted the event, which attracted several hundred people.

“We look to God for our direction and our guidance,” Feenstra said to open the event, “and our leaders should do the same thing.”

Nikki Haley talked about the statewide day of prayer she initiated when she was governor of South Carolina. “You never know what tomorrow’s going to bring,” Haley said, “but that faith and that readiness is so important for what we have ahead.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described his faith is his compass. “Faith in God is really the foundation of how I live my life,” DeSantis said, “but also how I conduct myself in an elective office.”

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy told the crowd his Hindu faith led him to take this journey on the campaign trail. “I think that God puts each of us here for a reason,” Ramaswamy said. “My faith teaches me we each have a purpose and it’s a moral duty to realize that purpose.”

The Feenstras also invited Texas pastor Ryan Binkley to the event and he told the crowd God spoke to him in dreams about running for president. “I ignored them for a few years and then it just became more clear,” Binkley said, “that now’s the time.”

Feenstra, who has indicated he may endorse a candidate, praised each candidate on stage, but did not signal who might get his public backing before the January 15th Caucuses.