Feenstra’s picnic includes former U.N. Ambassador

SIOUX CENTER — Fourth District Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra held his second annual family picnic fundraiser Thursday. The Republican from Hull got emotional as he addressed the crowd.

“Between us collectively, we have achieved so much In the last year and a half. With your help your prayers, this kid from Hull Iowa made his way to the U.S. Congress to the U.S. House of Representatives. And I take that responsibility very seriously. And I cherish every day I’m there, so thank you,” Feenstra says.

Feenstra says he is proud to be a conservative and talked about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning legal abortion. ” I think about generations and decades that, you know, we’ve marched in the parades. We’ve gone to Sioux City and Sioux Falls to march around the abortion clinics,” he says. “We’ve advocated. We’ve put people up and down the ballot, that were pro-life. Last week, we got to celebrate.”

Feenstra says it is some they have wanted for the last 50 years. “That is amazing, isn’t it? Something we all wanted,” he says.  Feenstra says he wants to remain in Congress to keep fighting for fiscal responsibility, support law enforcement, and continue fighting for agriculture. Feenstra says Republicans are going to win big in Congress and the Senate in November, and says they need to have a plan that will make a difference and make sure that their conservative conservative agenda gets passed.

Former South Carolina Governor and U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, spoke at the event. She echoed Feenstra — saying it is important to win Republican majorities in the House, Senate, and in the 36 governor races across the country.

“If we ever saw the importance of a governor, all you had to do was think about COVID and the right governors and what they did. And as we’re looking at that, there was no way we weren’t going to come here for Randy Feenstra,” Haley says. ” I mean, first of all, the guy is so normal, right? We need normal people in D.C., we really need normal people in D.C.”

Haley criticized the Biden Administration policies she says have put a strain on Americans. “Here you have families, and they’re having to pay more money at the gas pump. And that’s how they get to work. They’re having to pay more money at the grocery store. And that’s how they feed their families. What you’re seeing right now is the average American family is having to spend more than six-thousand dollars a year than they did last year,” Haley says.

Haley says the federal government now has to borrow to pay the interest on the national debt. “We now have more debt than we have in our economy. And we haven’t had that since World War Two. You know what? Randy Feenstra sponsored a bill to say we had to stop and that we’re not going to spend more than we make. He’s fighting for a balanced budget. Give him a hand he’s knocking it out of the park,” according to Haley.

Congressman Feenstra will face Democrat Ryan Melton of Nevada in November.