Feenstra seeks limit on federal rules for farmland

WASHINGTON — North-central Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra says any federal regulation that would impact over half of American farmland should be approved by congress.

The U-S House has voted to insert Feenstra’s proposal in a budget bill for the Department of the Interior. Feenstra says American farmland belongs to American farmers, not unelected bureaucrats.  “This really goes back to the Waters of the U.S. where you have a rogue agency like the EPA simply saying, ‘Hey, 92% or 93% of the farmland, we’re going to have this rule apply, meaning if you had a little crick or a stream or a little backyard pond and you’d be subject to federal mandates and fines for whatever happened,” Feenstra says.

A U-S Supreme Court ruling this past May limited the authority of the E-P-A to regulate wetlands, ruling the agency may only regulate wetlands that have a continuous surface connection to other bodies of water, like streams, rivers or lakes.