Farm Progress Show wraps up

BOONE — The grounds of the Farm Progress Show near Boone are quiet after three days of demonstrations, machinery displays and everything about agriculture last week. The 2020 show was canceled by the pandemic making it the first time in four years that the exhibitors and visitors came to Boone 

Show spokesman Don Tormey says attendance numbers appeared to be good. “I haven’t seen the final ones — but I do know certainly on Wednesday the parking lot on the North was full — which we have never done at the Boone site. It was a great crowd — I can’t give specifics — but I can tell you that it was just a terrific crowd,” he says. 

The show rotates between Boone and Dekalb, Illinois every other year. Tormey says people turn out in both places. “You still get people from 40 plus states and 50 plus countries in both places, so we bring people from Iowa and Illinois, but it’s just nice to kind of mix it up a little bit,” Tormey says. “You know me being an Iowa native I always love being in Iowa.” 

Tormey says they are already planning the next Farm Progress Show in Decatur next year and the show returns to Iowa again in 2024.