Evans Family United to be honored for 50 years at Clear Lake 4th of July celebration (AUDIO)

CLEAR LAKE — 4th of July festivities kick off in Clear Lake later today with a special opening ceremony honoring the Evans United Shows carnival for their 50th year at the celebration. 

Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Stacy Doughan says the Evans family has been a key part of the history of the holiday in the community, and that’s why they are being honored as the grand marshals for this year’s parade.  “I was looking back at articles on their first year, and while it did not mention anything other than a carnival coming to town, I think that the importance of their show to our community has just continued to grow over the years. They’re definitely just honorary Clear Lake members, and we’re excited to invite the community to come down, we’re going to cut the ribbon on the event, we’re going to honor the Evans family, and then we’ll see the Ferris wheel off at 5:00.” Erin Evans-Phipps of the Evans family says they always enjoy coming to Clear Lake. “We’re extremely honored, and I just contribute it all to my mom and dad as far as the carnival goes. It was their hard work, their everything. I came along when it’s up and going, but they are the ones — it’s because of them that we are what we are.”

Evans-Phipps says they appreciate the community-wide effort it takes to present the carnival in Clear Lake every year.  “We couldn’t be here without the business owners being supportive. You have the best Chamber in the land, I know that, there’s no doubt about that. It takes everybody. It takes everyone with the city, the police department, the fire department, sanitation, all the city departments. You could not pull off an event this size without everyone hand-in-hand.”

The opening ceremony will be held in the Band Shell in City Park starting at 4:30.

For more about Clear Lake’s 4th of July celebration, click here. To listen to more from Doughan and Evans-Phipps from their appearance on the “Ask the Mayor” program on KGLO broadcast on Wednesday, head to the audio player below to listen or download the program.