Ernst says U.S. should focus on military assistance to Ukraine, no more humanitarian aid

WASHINGTON — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says the U.S. should stop humanitarian aid to Ukraine and focus on providing more military equipment.

“This is where we can provide some savings,” Ernst says. “Let’s focus on what America does well and that’s providing military platforms and those types of services.”

Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, served 23 years in the Iowa National Guard and Army Reserve. Ernst says it’s important to our own national security to provide Ukraine with what it needs to defeat the Russians.

“The Ukrainians are doing an incredible job of pushing back our adversary,” Ernst says, “and because of what they have done in Ukraine and these incredible fighters, we see a diminished capacity from Russia over the next 10-15 years for them to come after our great United States of America.”

The Biden Administration last month gave the go-ahead for NATO allies in Europe to provide F16 fighter jets and air defense systems to Ukraine.

“Russia has invaded a sovereign nation,” Ernst says. “…I think we need to provide the military platforms as necessary for them to win and I am critical of this administration because I don’t feel they have done enough soon enough.”

Since the war began in February of last year, the U.S. has provided $75 billion in aid to Ukraine, most of it military assistance. European allies are better positioned to provide food and other humanitarian aid to Ukraine according to Ernst.

Ernst made her comments Monday during a debate series sponsored by the Edward Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Her hour-long conversation with a Democratic senator from New Hampshire will air Sunday night on Fox News.