Ernst says Trump made right move in ‘ratcheting up’ tariffs on China

WASHINGTON — The US Ag Secretary announced another round of aid to help farmers deal with the trade and tariff issues.  Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, says the aid will be welcome.  “It will be helpful obviously for those farmers who have suffered as we go through these trade negotiations — but what I still hear from farmers in Iowa is that they would rather see trade not aid, and I believe in that too.  I think we need to continue working on these trade deals,” Ernst says.

She says they can’t ease up on the push for getting the trade deals done. “While we do appreciated the federal government stepping up and finding a way to support  the farmers, we have to remember that we have to continue pushing to not only open up new markets, but to re-secure the markets we’ve had in the past, like China,” according to Ernst.

Ernst says they need to keep pressuring the Speaker of the House to the trade deal with Canada and Mexico passed. “It does have to go through their Ways and Means Committee first before it comes to the floor,” Ernst says. “In the Senate, I see absolutely no problem getting U-S-M-C-A done.”

Ernst made her comments on a conference call with reporters.