Ernst says repercussions for Russian invasion should be strong

DES MOINES — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says the situation in Ukraine is weighing very heavily on her heart after Russia attacked there Thursday.

“We need to provide a unified front, and push back heavily,” Ernst says.” The repercussions should be very stiff economic sanctions, against Vladimir Putin, his cronies, and most of all, himself.”
Ernst hopes congress will be united in acting to support measures against Vladimir Putin and Russia to put pressure on them.

“What we’ve got to do is make sure that those who are out there touting green energy and shame on America for being such a big energy producer — they’ve got to get out of the way — we’ve got to ramp up energy production here in the United States. That’s how we ramp up pressure on Russia at this critical moment,” according to Ernst.

The Red Oak Republican says that pressure does not involve direct military involvement, but our troops may play a background role. Ernst says military alliances come into play if Russia goes beyond Ukraine into other countries that are part of NATO.

“If Russia goes into a NATO country, an armed insurgency in another NATO ally, it does trigger Article Five and it does mean that the United States would respond,” Ernst says. Ernst says it is important to respond to provide assistance with Ukrainian refugees that will be pouring into other countries.