Ernst says renewable fuels groups worried about lack of support from Biden Adminstration

MASON CITY — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says renewable fuels groups in Iowa are concerned about a lack of support from the White House. Ernst says the push to move towards electric vehicles doesn’t make any sense.

She says, “When we look at the administration and the push toward electric vehicles, that seems to be the bright shiny object in the room right now for this particular president. We know that we can reduce carbon emissions right here and right now by using biofuels, whether it’s biodiesel, ethanol, you name it, we have the means to do that.”

Ernst stopped at the Renewable Energy Group’s plant in Ames earlier this week and says Chevron’s recent acquisition of REG shows that the petroleum industry is starting to buy into the renewable energy concept.  “We have petroleum and renewables coming together for the benefit of everyone across the United States. I wish the administration would pay more attention to the solutions we have that are readily available.”

Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, made her comments during a stop in Mason City earlier this week.