Ernst says humanitarian aid in Gaza must not fall in Hamas’ hands

WASHINGTON — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says the U-S needs to ensure humanitarian aid for Gaza goes directly to the people who need it and not into the hands of Hamas terrorists.

“With Americans still being held hostage by Hamas and the death toll of our fellow citizens continuing to rise,” Ernst said, “this moment demands clarity from our elected officials.”

Ernst, in a speech on the Senate floor, talked about her recent trip to the Middle East. She says during a meeting in Jordan, the country’s king expressed his concern that Iran would capitalize on the chaos in Gaza and escalate the conflict.  “Now is the time for strong American leadership, one that understands the threat of war waged by Iran-backed proxies is to our own national security here in the homeland,” Ernst said.

Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, compares Hamas to ISIS and she says they deserve nothing less than destruction. The top Democrat in the U-S Senate says lawmakers and the Biden Administration are working on a plan that would provide a surge of  military aid to Israel as well as humanitarian aid for civilians trapped in Gaza without food, water or electricity.

U-S officials say they’ve so far confirmed 31 Americans were killed in this month’s Hamas attack in Israel.