Enrst supports Iowa legislature passing anti-abortion bill

Iowa US Senator Joni Ernst hears more about the programs offered by the Caring Pregnancy Center from executive director Jo Hafermann

MASON CITY — During a tour of a Mason City organization that helps women through their pregnancy, US Senator Joni Ernst said she supports the recently-passed bill that would ban nearly all abortions in Iowa. She says, “I am pro-life, so I hope the governor signs that bill, and then we’ll see how it progresses forward. I’m excited that people have had the opportunity to express their support for life in Iowa.”

Legislators this week approved the bill that would ban most abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually at about the sixth week of a pregnancy. Ernst says she has no doubt that the bill if signed by Governor Reynolds will offer a challenge to the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

She says, “It would be a big aspect to it, but again it is life, and heartbeat is kind of key there as well. I believe in life at conception, but when there’s a beating heart, and a parent can see that, especially through sonogram or hear that, it does change attitudes. We’ll see where it goes from here, but I just thank the legislature for taking up the bill.”

Despite Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress as well as the White House, Ernst doubts that such a bill could currently pass on the federal level. She says, “I would like to see a bill like that run through Congress, but I don’t know, we simply don’t have the support. We had a 20-week bill that we attempted to get through Congress, and it did not make it through the Senate.”

During her tour of the Caring Pregnancy Center Thursday afternoon, Ernst heard stories from workers about how a potential mother’s attitude has changed from planning to have an abortion to keeping the baby once they see an ultrasound of the child. Ernst also made a stop at Stellar Industries in Garner on Thursday as part a tour through north-central Iowa.



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