Employee wage increases, new utility rates to be consider by Mason City council tonight

MASON CITY — The City Council in Mason City tonight will consider approving wage increases for the city’s non-bargaining employees.

City Administrator Aaron Burnett is a memo to the council is asking for approval of a 2.65% wage increase for the upcoming fiscal year that starts on July 1st for non-bargaining employees. It would correlate with a similar 2,65% increase that has been approved for police, fire and AFSCME union members.

The council will also consider the final reading of an ordinance adjusting utility rates. Burnett says that during the budgeting process, the council approved an increase of the monthly rate for water and sewer to help capital projects, as well as for sanitation to build funds for vehicle replacements in future fiscal years.

The water rate increase is 1% and will increase the average homeowner’s bill by 29 cents per month. The sewer increase is 2.66% per month, or about 47 cents more for the average homeowner. Sanitation rates will increase an additional 35 cents a month to $12.40.

The council meets at 7 o’clock tonight in a virtual format that you can watch by heading to masoncity.net.