Dumont business fined for illegal burning

DUMONT — A Dumont business has been fined $1000 by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for solid waste and air quality violations.

An administrative consent order filed by the DNR states that on October 21st of last year, their Mason City field office received an anonymous complaint stating that David Dohlman was burning tires and plastic at the location of his commercial business, Dave’s Auto Repair Service.

Field office representatives visited Dohlman six days later, where he confirmed that he had a burn pile behind his shop, where the field representatives found the pile contained multiple tire beads, vinyl siding, metal chairs and numerous plastic items.

Dohlman had previously been issued a notice of violation in May 2015 about illegally burning tires.

As part of the order, Dohlman was ordered to stop all illegal burning of combustible materials at the site and was ordered to pay a $1000 civil penalty.