DNR fines Stacyville man $5000 for illegal open burning of residential structure

STACYVILLE — A Stacyville man has been fined $5000 by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the illegal open burning of a demolished structure.

The DNR says in an administrative consent order that the building’s owner, Arlen Near, as well as the individual who performed the demolition of a residential structure at 205 Railroad Street, Brian Retterath, were informed by the DNR and by the Stacyville Fire Department in August that the structure could not be burned by law.

Late on the night of August 11th, the demolished structure was burned, with the fire department responding and extinguishing the fire. Four days later, the DNR’s Mason City field office received an anonymous complaint stating that the burning of the home resulting in billowing black smoke and a large fireball, and that shingles were still on the house and that the house had been filled with garbage for a couple of weeks prior to the burning.

After investigating, the DNR ordered Near to comply with open burning regulations in the future and that he would pay an administrative penalty of $5000.

A full copy of the administrative consent order can be seen by clicking here