DeSantis talks border security during Mason City stop

MASON CITY — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis brought his Republican presidential campaign to Mason City on Tuesday afternoon.

DeSantis talked about border security during his discussion with about 125 people at The Corner pizza and alehouse. DeSantis says the Biden White House has helped to create the border crisis.   “Joe Biden is violating his oath of office by what he’s doing on the border. He took an oath to take care that the laws of this country be faithfully executed, and he is violating that oath. He is defaulting on his obligation to protect the American people and to protect our sovereignty.”

DeSantis says if he’s elected president, he’ll address the border crisis swiftly on day one.  “When I’m president on day one, we declare the border to be a national emergency. We’re going to mobilize all resources including our military to be on the border, stop the invasion. People that are here illegally, particularly the eight million under Biden, we’re sending back to their home country. You have to do that, otherwise you’re never going to get a handle on it.”

DeSantis says some of the money going toward Ukraine should really be going to shore up the US southern border.  “They have sent billions and billions of dollars to pay salaries for Ukrainian bureaucrats, to pay pensions for Ukrainian bureaucrats, to give money for small business in Ukraine and farming in Ukraine, and it’s like, how is that America’s responsibility to be taking your tax dollars paying salaries for foreign bureaucrats while our own southern border is open, while people are coming into this country and our own country is not secure.”

DeSantis also made stops in Cedar Rapids and Ankeny on Tuesday.