DeSantis makes campaign stop in Sheffield

SHEFFIELD — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a campaign stop in north-central Iowa today, speaking at an event at Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield.

DeSantis says Democrats have mishandled dealing with inflation. “The root of it is government spending, overborrowing, overspending, Federal Reserve policy. They should not be an economic central planner. The Fed should focus on stable prices. That’s the only reason you’d want a central bank. They think they can micromanage the economy, that does not work. You cannot micromanage a $25 trillion economy through central planning. We’re going to have a Fed chairman that understands that. We’re going to fight Congress on the overspending.”

DeSantis says one of the things that can be done to drive prices down is to reverse the “Green New Deal” and open up energy production in the United States.  “That will lower gas prices for people, it will lower prices throughout the economy, and honestly it’s good for our national security. Russia, China, Iran, they want the US to do a Green New Deal, because that strengthens them. When we’re the dominant energy producer in the world, that weakens our adversaries. On day one, we’ll take all the Biden rules and regulations under Bidenomics, we’ll rip them up and throw them away. We’ll take the Green New Deal and all his restrictions on domestic energy, rip it up and throw it away, and that will create a foundation for more growth, but also downward pressure on inflation.”

DeSantis says the push for electric vehicles, including California’s efforts to phase out gas-powered cars by 2035, makes no sense.  “When they first announced that, people were patting themselves on the back as if they were saving the planet, but then two days later, California put out an announcement and said ‘all electric vehicles owners in the state of California, do not plug in your electric vehicle, our grid is over-capacity’, and I’m thinking to myself, you have rolling blackouts now, you’re going to try to force ten million new cars, whatever sold, to be on there when you don’t have the capacity, you don’t have enough reliable energy, it’s a disaster.”

DeSantis, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy will appear a the roundtable “family discussion” in Des Moines late this afternoon presented by The Family Leader.