Deferred judgment, probation for Forest City woman accused of pocketing store bank deposits

FOREST CITY — It’s a deferred judgment and probation for a Forest City woman accused of pocketing several deposits from a store instead of taking them to the bank. 

27-year-old Amanda Largent was accused of stealing from the Forest City Dollar General Store after several deposits were found to be missing or not making it to the bank.

A criminal complaint says the bank had no record of any deposits, and after watching video footage, it was determined that Largent allegedly left the store and never made it to the bank with the deposits and was outside of the store for a few minutes before going back inside.

Largent was charged with ongoing criminal conduct, a Class B felony punishable by up to 25 years in prison, as well as first-degree fraudulent practices and first-degree theft, both Class C felonies punishable by up to ten years. As part of the plea agreement, Largent pleaded guilty to the first-degree fraudulent practices and first-degree theft charges. In turn, prosecutors stated they would recommend a suspended sentence on each count along with probation.

During a sentencing hearing earlier this week, Largent was given deferred judgments on each charge and was sentenced to five years probation.