Corwith man pleads not guilty after authorities say DNA match from theft, burglary scene matches him

GARNER — A Corwith man arrested on theft and burglary charges after authorities were able to connect his DNA to the crimes has pleaded not guilty.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department says they investigated the report of a burglary in rural Forest City on January 2nd 2021 where more than $10,000 of clothing, electronics and jewelry were stolen. They say they executed a search warrant in rural Hancock County on February 22nd of that year, where items taken from the burglary were located.

After a two-year-long investigation, 43-year-old Tommy Gretillat was charged with first-degree theft, third-degree burglary and second-degree criminal mischief. A criminal complaint filed in Hancock County District Court states that a cigarette butt located on top of the snow at the victim’s property had Gretillat’s DNA on it.

Gretillat filed a written plea of not guilty to the charges this week, with his trial scheduled to start on July 12th.