Contest to give away unclaimed $1 million Powerball prize underway

MASON CITY — The Iowa Lottery today kicked off their “Woo Hoo A Million For You Giveaway” in an attempt to give one lucky Powerball player a $1 million prize.

Lottery CEO Matt Strawn says the contest came about after a $1 million Powerball prize won in April 2018 in central Iowa went unclaimed. He says after discussing it with his staff, they came up with the idea of a special contest to give the unclaimed prize away. “This started with a Powerball win in Nevada that went unclaimed. This prize is going to go to a Powerball player in Iowa. For the next three weeks, any Powerball ticket purchased only in the state of Iowa can be entered into a promotion where on June 19th at Iowa Lottery headquarters, we’re going to do a drawing and we’re going to pull one ticket out, and that ticket is going to be worth a million dollars to one Iowa Lottery player.”

Strawn says people who play Powerball during the next three weeks can enter their ticket into the drawing through their website or mobile app. “You can enter your ticket either through the mobile app or through visiting Of course when you go through that process, we make sure that it’s the proper tickets that are entered and we know who you are. We’ll know when we do this drawing on June 19th, we will already have a name and address associated with this so we don’t have to wonder if somebody’s going to walk in the front door and claim a prize like we had to do with that unclaimed million dollars back in April.”

Strawn says only Powerball tickets bought in Iowa are eligible for the contest.  “It’s going to only be an Iowa Lottery player to win this $1 million.  If you’ve got folks from the “Great North” that we can convince to come on down across the border and buy a ticket from one of our great 2400 plus retailers around the state, that would be awesome. But I know a lot of times we see these large jackpots won in other jurisdictions or other states, and that’s what’s cool about this promotion is it’s going to go to an Iowa Lottery player.”

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