Congresswomen Axne, Hinson discuss inflation
Ashley Hinson

DES MOINES — Iowa Congresswoman Cindy Axne, a Democrat from West Des Moines is backing a bill she says will help with supply chain issues at the country’s ports.

She says it prohibits ocean carriers from unreasonably declining opportunities for U.S. exports. “At any given point in time, we have about a ten percent lag in import-export where we don’t export as much — ten percent of our containers might go empty. But right now, we’ve been up to 70 percent. So, that’s what this addresses,” Axne says.

Axne says the requirements could be enforced. “There is certainly oversight over what happens in our ports, oversee maritime import-export business to ensure that we are moving products appropriately,” she says.

The supply chain issues are one of the factors in the high inflation the country is experiencing. Axne says it’s not the main problem.

“But what I would tell you is that the best way to get any inflationary issues under control is to put things in place like our Build Back Better Act — which addresses multiple areas. Whether it is helping families to have the financial means by reducing the cost of prescription drugs. Capping things like insulin at 35 dollars a month so that they could afford it. Making sure that child care doesn’t exceed seven percent of our income,” according to Axne.

Axne rejects the idea that the big-spending bills add to inflation. “No — because those two don’t even add up. If anything, I would have to say it’s the major tax breaks that have been given to the wealthy over the last several years that have limited our ability to bring in enough funding to support what America needs,” Axne says. Axne made her comments in an interview with Radio Iowa.

Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson spoke with reporters Friday on her weekly conference call and says spending more isn’t the answer for inflation that hit 6.8%.

“When we are seeing that inflation has accelerated at its fastest pace since 1982 –that’s longer than I have been alive. That’s hugely concerning to me. One of the things that I have been sounding the alarm on for months is slowing the spending down,” Hinson says. She says the spending bills pushed by Democrats are making things worse.

“When you look at the American Rescue Plan Funds that surged into our economy, also with the Build Back Better plan that the Senate is considering right now. Not only is it a big government bill that will put our country on the wrong track — it has some provisions in it that will add to our inflation problems,” according to Hinson.

She is backing her own legislation to deal with supply chain issues. “I introduced a bill that will take a look at the supply chain and critical manufacturing — specifically for rural areas — what that supply chain pipeline looks like. Looking at the high-demand products and what that supply chain looks like and what we can manufacture, specifically focused on rural America,” Hinson says. ”We are seeing that because of the administration policies. I am hopeful we will have some common sense policies that will get our economy working again. Right now our economy is not working for working families.”

Hinson is seeking re-election in the new Second Congressional District that will include Cerro Gordo, Worth, Mitchell, Floyd and Butler counties in our immediate listening area. Axne is seeking re-election for a third term in the new Third Congressional District.