Colby approved to be Clear Lake’s new Police Chief

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake’s City Council has approved the recommendation of Mayor Nelson Crabb and City Administrator Scott Flory to appoint Mike Colby as the city’s new Chief of Police. Colby has been the city’s interim chief since May after the resignation of Pete Roth. Colby has served the Clear Lake Police Department since August 2016 in the role of Police Captain.

Flory says Colby’s work ethic has been second to none in his time in Clear Lake.  “He’s a workaholic, I appreciate that about him. He’s very responsive. He’s very engaged with the community. His employees and staff all respect him. I think he’s done a remarkable job in the six months that he’s been interim chief of police, and it’s my great honor and privilege along with the mayor to bring forward his nomination for that position.”

Crabb says Colby is an effective communicator.  “I get teased a bit about my ‘C’ words, but I think it’s just as important to be a communicator as it is a collaborator, which he does both very, very well. He’s a problem solver and someone, here’s a big key, who enjoys working with people. That’s the bottom line I believe.”

After being sworn in, Colby went right to work, giving the chief’s report to the city council. “For the report for this week, I just have a couple of things. If you are not aware, we have a new police chief as of today. Nice to meet you all.”

Prior to coming to Clear Lake in 2016, Colby was a 15-year veteran of the Clive Police Department.