Clear Lake’s finance director resigns

CLEAR LAKE — The City of Clear Lake’s finance director has submitted his resignation. Creighton Schmidt’s last day on the job will be this Friday.

Schmidt spent 11 years working for Marriott International Corporation prior to being hired as the city’s finance director. After nearly three years, he is now taking a job with Marriott for its corporate headquarters in a remote position.  “This was an opportunity that was a very good opportunity. Too hard to pass up even though it was very difficult. A lot of you know it was very difficult for me because I’ve loved doing everything I’ve done here. I’ve loved all the people I’ve worked with, loved all the projects I’ve been a part of, and extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Schmidt says with it being a remote position, he’ll be able to continue to be a resident of Clear Lake along with his wife and children.  “Especially coming from the D.C. area, this is a very small town to us, but she said ‘I love our small town, I want to raise our kids here’. Any other opportunity, it would be easy to say no, but coming from the company that I worked for, that I’m passionate about, giving me the opportunity to work remotely, which will also give me the opportunity to continue to serve the city just worked out and it’s something I want to go for.”

Mayor Nelson Crabb says while he will miss him in the finance director job, he’s glad to have Schmidt as a part of the community.  “Part of that is your personality, and that’s what I like to focus on, and that for me has made a big, big plus. You fit in this community. Better yet, you fit in our city. You will be here, we will be able to contact you on a social basis, and I’m sure if there’s some business activity that we need, we’re going to contact you anyway. We’ll miss you, you’ll be around, and I wish you well.”

Schmidt made the public announcement about his resignation at this week’s meeting of the Clear Lake City Council.