Clear Lake woman accused of illegally entering apartment while as manager and committing theft pleads guilty

CLEAR LAKE — A Clear Lake woman accused of using a master key while a manager at an apartment complex to commit burglary has entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors.

A criminal complaint states 40-year-old Cassie Miller used the key to access an apartment without the tenant’s permission and stole a checkbook. On August 9th, Miller allegedly issued herself one of the stolen checks, signed the victim’s name and cashed the check at her own bank for $400. Miller was charged with third-degree burglary, possession of burglar tools, two counts of forgery, and fourth-degree theft.

As part of the plea agreement, she agreed to plead guilty to one count of forgery and fourth-degree theft. Prosecutors in turn will recommend a five-year suspended prison sentence and three years probation when Miller is sentenced on April 5th in Cerro Gordo County District Court.