Clear Lake residents reminded to not put grass clippings on street

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake residents are being reminded that it’s against City Code to blow grass clippings onto the city’s streets.

City leaders say it’s unlawful for any person to throw or deposit on any street or alley grass or grass clippings or any other debris. Not only does it lead to storm drains being clogged resulting in flooding, but it also creates slippery conditions for drivers, pedestrians, and especially those on their motorcycle.

Police Chief Mike Colby says it’s something that his department has to address with citizens every year.   “We have a few every year, and we’ve had some repeat offenders that tend to do that, forget, try to sneak by and hope they don’t get caught, different scenarios too. We do address that as it’s seen.”

Colby says he’s working with city staff in potentially altering the ordinance so citations can be given.   “We’ve had some conversations in the past about doing some modifications to City Code to maybe tweak that so we can maybe do a citation in lieu of a mandatory court appearance. That becomes a civil violation there and it’s a little more red tape to go through to address that, but we’ve had conversations in the past on modifying some codes there too, so that’s kind of one of the things that’s on our list there. We’re aware of it and we address it as we become aware of it.”

Colby says if you witness people blowing grass clippings out onto the street, you can call the police department. “If anybody ever has complaints or any issues, feel free to have them call and we’ll look into it. That’s what we’re here for.”

Colby made his comments when the issue came up during this week’s meeting of the Clear Lake City Council.