Clear Lake Police Department warns about scam phone calls pretending to be police officers asking for money

CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake Police Department is warning people about scam phone calls with the scammers pretending to be police officers.

The Police Department says they’ve received several reports of scam phone calls to residents this week, with the scammers calling and pretending to be legitimate local police officers, telling people that they missed a court date and they now owe the department money.

Interim Police Chief Mike Colby says the impersonator oftentimes will refer to the community member by name, tell them the call is being recorded, tell them they missed a court appearance or jury duty, and will use a real officer’s name.

Colby reminds the public that his department does not call individuals and demand or request money from community members under any circumstances. He says if you receive a call from someone claiming to be an officer, you can always contact the Police Department at 641-357-2186 to verify that a Clear Lake police officer was indeed trying to contact you.

If you do receive one of these phone calls, Colby says do not give the caller any of your information, then hang up and call the police department to report the activity.