Clear Lake officially “Ice-Out”

CLEAR LAKE — One of the signs of spring being here is Clear Lake being declared officially ice-out.

The announcement came this morning from Mayor Nelson Crabb on the “Ask the Mayor” program on AM-1300 KGLO.  “April 10th has been declared by our Water Department Superintendent Adam Theiss that the ice is officially out of Clear Lake.”

The lake is officially declared ice-out when a boat can run along the entire shoreline of the lake without encountering any ice. Crabb says the April 10th date falls in between the earliest and latest ice-out dates. “The earliest that the ice was out was back in 1931 when it was out on March the 5th. The latest was April 28th of 1951.”

Records have been kept for both the ice-in and ice-out dates since 1936. The lake was iced-in for the winter season on November 13th.

You can listen back to our full conversation with Mayor Crabb from today’s “Ask the Mayor” program by clicking on the audio player below.