Clear Lake council to address amending urban renewal plan to encompass Surf District changes

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake’s City Council tonight is scheduled to hold a public hearing and then consider an amendment to the city’s consolidated urban renewal plan that would encompass the proposed improvements to the Surf District.

The city last month received approval of a $4.37 million grant from the Destination Iowa Creative Placement Grant Program to assist in the expansion and relocation of Clear Lake’s Music Enrichment Center to allow for improved performances and educational experiences, gateway and streetscape enhancements around and on Buddy Holly Place, and waterfront connections from the Surf Ballroom to the lakeshore.

The council at their December 5th meeting approved starting the process to amend the urban renewal area and plan to incorporate the new projects and initiatives and to refer the matter to the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission, who gave their approval during their meeting two weeks later.

The council tonight will also set their February 6th meeting as the date for a public hearing on the proposal to enter into a future loan agreement for purposes of funding the Surf District projects.

The Clear Lake City Council meets at 6 o’clock tonight at City Hall, and the meeting can also be viewed online at