Clear Lake council awards contract for Surf District Streetscape project

CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council last night awarded the contract for the Surf District Streetscape Improvement project.

The project includes the construction of an over-the-road gateway feature, masonry pier features, roadway lighting and electrical, storm sewer upgrades, roadway paving, pedestrian unit paving plazas, and associated site improvements along Buddy Holly Place, North Shore Drive and 7th Avenue North surrounding the Surf Ballroom. Dean Snyder Construction of Clear Lake had the lowest of three bids at $4.28 million, over the projected cost of $3.8 million.

City Administrator Scott Flory says work is being done to see how close they can get the project to that $3.8 million figure. “We’ve been working since the bid letting — staff, myself, the consultant, the contractor — trying to identify some areas where we can make some reductions to sort of bring this back a little bit closer to what the cost estimate was. Our target is to try to get it down to about $3.8 million, down from that $4.28 down to $3.8. We’ve got some areas identified and appreciate the contractor working on that with us.”

Flory says two items in the project are responsible for the cost being higher than the original estimate.  “One of those was the gateway arch, which was significantly higher than the bid item that what we had  utilized as a figure for estimating purposes, as well as the lighting and the electrical that goes along with the lighting. So between those two, combined that was $700-and-some-thousand difference between the estimate that we had and what the low bids were on those couple of items.”

The council approved Dean Snyder Construction as the winning bidder on a unanimous vote.