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Clear Lake council approves new welcome signs

CLEAR LAKE — New welcome signs are coming to Clear Lake. The Clear Lake City Council this week gave their approval to purchase four new signs. Two would be located on US Highway 18 at the intersections with 8th Street and Buddy Holly Place and would have LED screens that would be used to show messages and promote upcoming events. The other two would replace signs currently near McDonald’s and Teamquest.

City Administrator Scott Flory says the current welcome signs are ready to be retired.  “They have the nautical theme to them. If you are familiar with the signs that we currently have, they don’t really express who we are as a community I don’t think at all. They probably were appropriate back in the late ‘90s but certainly not in the 21st Century, so I think this is a terrific project for us.”

LRI Graphics of Grimes is doing the signs and had recently done the signage work as part of the Lions Field renovation project. Company CEO and Clear Lake native Bob Lashier says the new signs will better promote the community.  “I think the Welcome to Clear Lake signs that are there now have served their purpose, but they’re a little past due and maybe a little bit outdated. There are so many new types of signage products and technology that really will bring them to life, in the way of welcoming visitors to town, but also informing and promoting all the great events we have here on a regular basis.”

Lashier says the two LED signs can be programmed to rotate a variety of messages informing people of events or even emergency information.  “The software allows you to create schedules. You can create 24-hour-a-day content and how it plays and how it rolls, and if you have an emergency that you need to inform the community and visitors of, you can go in and change that. It’s easy to use, easy to program, easy to schedule so someone isn’t having to do it all day, every day. In a lot of cases you can schedule it and let it run.”

The signs would be installed later this spring. 



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