Clear Lake council approves bid for City Hall remodeling project

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake’s City Council this week approved awarding a contract to Henkel Construction of Mason City for the City Hall security upgrade and remodeling project.

City Administrator Scott Flory says there are many things that need to be addressed on the administrative side of the building that was built in the mid-1960s.  “Pretty extensive upgrades to our HVAC system here at this building. Security upgrades and improvements. ADA accessibility, further accommodations for that. A number of walls in the administrative side that were more of the temporary kinds of things that have been in place for about 30 years, so this will be to take those walls down and put up actual real office walls, studded and drywalled and things.”

Flory was pleased to see the costs associated with the project be under what was budgeted.  “We did if you recall budget $1 million for this project, so when we add up all the other costs, soft costs so to speak that are associated with the project in terms of professional fees, the rent for the location we are going to be at while this building is under construction, and then there’s electronic work that has to be done as far as computers and things like that. We should be definitely under the the budgeted amount for this project so that’s good.”

Three bids were received for the project, with the lowest being from Henkel Construction of Mason City in the amount of $797,400 for the base bid. There were also two bid alternates on the project, one involving public restroom remodeling and the other to add three more windows. The total bid with the alternates added in was $828,000.