CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council this morning approved the first reading of an ordinance establishing the new ward and precinct boundaries that would take effect on January 15th. The city is in the middle of a 60-day time period after the Iowa Legislature approved new legislative and congressional district lines to create new boundaries with the new census data.

City Administrator Scott Flory says while the First Ward boundaries will remain the same, the proposed western boundary of the Third Ward would move two blocks to the west.  “Essentially moving the western boundary of the precinct for Ward Two over. Right now it’s on North 10th Street, so it’s moving it over to North 8th Street. As you know the population of Clear Lake went from 7,777, it decreased by 90 people for 2020 down to 7,687. So Ward Two decreases 410 people and Ward Three increases 410 people.”

Nobody spoke during a public hearing about the proposed boundary changes, with the council unanimously approving the first reading of the ordinance. The second reading will be held at the council’s regular-scheduled meeting next Monday, with the council possibly waiving the third reading during that meeting.