Clear Lake City Council approves bringing back position of City Engineer

CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council this week agreed to create the position of City Engineer after not having one for several years.

City Administrator Scott Flory says the city has an opportunity to add a city employee with a lot of value to cover civil engineering services that are currently being contracted out. “Things like our site plan reviews, subdivision reviews, project inspections and observations, these kinds of things. Every time, sort of like this apartment project would be a classic one, there would be quite a bit of money we would pay in outside consulting to review plans on that and then present them to our Planning & Zoning Commission.”

Flory says with more construction projects happening, it makes sense to add the position back to the city payroll.  “Over the course of the year, we’re spending a lot of money just on outsourcing plan reviews, so site plans, subdivisions, these kinds of things, let alone when we get involved in projects. We utilize inspectors, so when we do these street resurfacing projects, there’s an inspector on that job, and we’re paying a significant amount for that person to be out there a certain number of hours and watching the project on our behalf. There’s definitely an opportunity there to bring those things in-house, and this position could really pay itself just in offsetting our outside costs on those things.”

The council unanimously approved creating the position during a special session on Wednesday night, with the city immediately posting the job on its website.