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CG Public Health director says if you aren’t vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask

MASON CITY — More and more stores and businesses are lifting mask requirements for people to go into their stores after the CDC announced last week a loosening of their recommendations regarding face coverings.

Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health director Brian Hanft says people are dealing with the issue of whether or not they still need to carry a mask around with them wherever they go. “This is where it really is going to get tricky is do you carry a mask with you all the time because you aren’t sure when you are going to need it? The other thing is that I do want to stress is how do you confirm whether or not someone has been fully vaccinated or not. This is where we’re going to have to just rely on people to basically be truthful, kind of police themselves.”

Hanft says if you haven’t went through the vaccination process, you are still vulnerable to COVID-19.  “If you’re not vaccinated, really the only real risk is to yourself, and that is if you are not vaccinated, you are around someone who is COVID positive but may be asymptomatic, your risk is still there. But if you are fully vaccinated, your risk is dramatically reduced.”

For more information about upcoming vaccination clinics, you can head to

Hy-Vee announced this morning that they will no longer require vaccinated customers and employees to wear masks in their stores unless it is locally mandated.

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