Cerro Gordo supervisors to accept or reject proposed supervisor districts, hold public hearing Tuesday

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the redistricting plan for the supervisor districts.

After the 2020 Census was completed and the Iowa Legislature this fall approved new congressional and legislative districts starting next year, the Legislative Services Agency turned their attention to creating new county supervisor districts across the state.

The LSA’s first proposal has supervisors Chris Watts and Tim Latham grouped into the same proposed District 2, which includes all of Mason City’s Third Ward, Ward Two Precinct Two, and Ward Four Precincts Two and Three. The rest of Mason City, as well as Plymouth, Rock Falls and the Lime Creek-Mason North and Falls townships are in the proposed District Three. The rest of the county, including Clear Lake, Ventura, Burchinal, Portland, Rockwell, Swaledale, Thornton, Meservey and Dougherty, are grouped into the proposed District 1.

The supervisors can accept or reject this first plan. If the board rejects it, it goes back to the Legislative Services Agency to develop a second plan.

Supervisor districts in the past have been a mix of urban and rural areas, with the proposed District 2 being all inside the Mason City city limits.

The supervisors meet at 10 o’clock tomorrow in the first floor board room at the courthouse.


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